Non-profit for women.

a safe space for grief and self-care during the healing process after loss or illness
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Coming together to love the broken-hearted.

ISLA MAE is a community-driven organization that provides women with spa services and mental health support after a loss, miscarriage, illness, or cancer. The goal is to provide a safe space for grief and self-care during the healing process.

  • Spa Services
  • Counseling
  • Community Support
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Women helping women heal.

We believe in the importance of physical, mental and spiritual health and finding the balance of all three. If you know someone that is feeling overwhelmed after a loss, illness, or cancer, ISLA MAE is here to provide them with the support and healing they need.

Our luxurious spa treatments and mental health services help women find the strength and peace to keep moving forward. Every woman deserves to take some time for themselves and relax in a safe and supportive environment.


Healing begins with ISLA

We are all daughters. Isla was my youngest, born on the 15th birthday of my oldest- 6 months too soon. Isla is one of the daughters I only held briefly. She now resides in an urn on my dresser under the angel wings I had purchased for her nursery.  I made a promise years ago to honor her brief life and my other angel babies by loving women well. One way I have decided to keep that promise is to support the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of all women.  The goal of Isla Mae is to connect those who have walked through difficult experiences to other women who need support during the most vulnerable times in their lives.

Heather Johnson | Founder

ISLA Day Spa is currently under construction in Jacksonville, Florida.  ISLA Day Spa will provide elite spa services and pamper all women while donating a percentage of all proceeds to ISLA MAE Services for Women, a local non-profit that empowers women and ensures women in crisis receive the same level of luxury spa pampering.

How It Works


We will ask a few questions about the person you wish to nominate.


We will work with the selected recipients to identify the services that will be best.


The selected recipient will enjoy time at our spa, and begin their healing journey.

support the cause



We are driven by community donations and welcome single and recurring contributions, directly benefiting the women who need it most.


Isla Mae is now reviewing requests. If you have a loved one that would be an ideal recipient of our services, we are accepting nominations.


Isla Mae is currently accepting applications to volunteer, supporting the organization by donating time and/or professional spa services.


Isla Mae offers sponsorship packages for companies that would like to support our organization while simultaneously promoting their brand.